How to Get More Committed to Yourself

While it is easy to show up to appointments we make with other people … I’ve noticed that most people struggle with commitments they make with themselves. If you say you’re going to exercise, meditate, write, journal, work on a project … but then you don’t stick to that commitment … it can feel like […]

5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

One of the great joys of my life is living simply, and every now and then finding ways to return to simplicity. Life tends to get complicated with time, and so I find ways to simplify. I’ve done lists with 100 ways to simplify, but obviously that’s not very simple! So today I’ll share five […]

The Joy of Letting Go

A surprising number of our daily struggles stem from our attachments. Let me list a few: Overeating: There’s nothing wrong with eating, but when we eat out of the habit of comforting ourselves or not knowing when to stop, it can lead to feeling bad or having worse health over time. The attachment here might […]

How to Let Go of Obsessive Overthinking

Sometimes, our heads won’t stop thinking about something. Our thoughts will spin around and around, not willing to let go, obsessing. It might be about another person, a big event coming up, or about ourselves. It might be overthinking a decision, big or small. There’s nothing wrong with this. It’s a human thing to do, […]

My Simple, High Impact Productivity Protocol

Much of our days are spent with busywork or distractions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, busywork and distractions can be lovely ways to spend our time. But sometimes we want to use our time powerfully and effectively. Let’s look at ways to work with increased impact. Imagine a protocol that you followed that would […]

The Body as a Vessel for Living

Something I’ve noticed is that we spend a lot of our lives wrapping our identity in our bodies. If our body is something we’re proud of, we feel really good about ourselves … but much more often, it’s a sense that something is wrong with us because our bodies don’t hit some ideal. That’s been […]

Destroy What You Know

We are held back from creating the life we want, from our highest purpose, from our greatest growth and learning … by what we know. Destroy what you know. Once we feel like we’re a little good at something, we cling to that. We cling to wanting others to think we know things and are […]

Curbing a Compulsive Habit: A Primer

The habits we just can’t seem to quit can be very challenging — not only are they hard to change, they can have negative effects on our lives, and make us feel bad about ourselves. In this post, I’d like to talk about a few things I’ve found helpful to curb a compulsive habit. I […]

Powerful Training for the Mind

Every one of us has thought patterns that keep us stuck: Discouragement: What’s the point, I’m going to fail anyway, why even try, it’s too hard. Rationalizing: It’s OK to skip this, I can do it later, one time won’t hurt, do it but don’t try that hard, wait out the clock, go through the […]

2 Questions to Deepen Learning from Life

We usually dislike challenging situations, conflict with others, struggle with our work or habits. Struggle sucks! But what if it were a part of the training of life? What if every conflict, failure, difficulty, hard emotion … were exactly the lesson we needed to learn? What if every challenging person and situation were our teacher? […]


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